Role & Organisational Services at GAP

Group Analytic Practice (GAP) provides specialist role and organisational development services. GAP Consultants are skilled at working with and uncovering conscious and unconscious aspects of organisational life through an individual, team or institute lens.  

We believe the ever-increasing complexity of today’s organisations requires a more advanced and psychologically-informed approach to change, development and ultimately growth. Our orientation facilitates insight which aligns with and supports individual and organisational performance.

GAP services to organisations and individual employees include role consultation, role supervision, system consultancy, group/team process sessions, reflective practice groups, team debriefings and employee assistance sessions. We work with private, public, voluntary and community organisations.

When an organisation or individual first contacts GAP, a follow up call and/or meeting is scheduled with one of the Practice Directors. Once established what the need is and whether GAP services are a fit, appropriate next steps will be agreed with the client.

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Individual Role Consultancy (Role Supervision)

Role Consultation (sometimes referred to as Supervision or Role Supervision) is a service that GAP has offered for 30 years to senior practitioners, managers, CEO’s, directors, senior social workers, team leaders and health/social care professionals running programmes or managing teams.

Role Consultation provides an opportunity for an individual to meet with a GAP Consultant on an ongoing basis in a safe and confidential space, to tease out the difficulties inherent in their role including managing employees, team/board relations and client groups.

It is a place where professionals can explore dynamics in the workplace and examine their own performance to identify ways to enhance their effectiveness, communication, role satisfaction and to reduce stress.

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Organisational Services

Changing any structure is complex. Our clients recognise the need to think as much about how they work together as what they do together.

We specialise in supporting organisations to reflect at a deep level so that dynamics can be recognised and named in a safe and honest manner, and meaning can be attached to the complex realities of organisation functioning and performance.  Our goal is developing insight to achieve lasting and sustained change.

A GAP Consultant will work in partnership with a client to design and deliver an intervention, or a series of interventions, that will enable insight and learning. The GAP approach draws on Group Analysis, Systems Theories and the Tavistock Tradition of Group Relations. It pays attention to unconscious as well as conscious processes.

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Issues we help with

  • Organisations undergoing a lot of change, for example accelerated growth or downsizing.
  • Organisations in crisis.
  • Where change gives rise to difficult dynamics.
  • Challenging dynamics between staff, managers and/or management and staff.
  • Managers/leaders new to their roles, adjusting to a new level of responsibility and authority taking.
  • Teams struggling to contain the pressures of work and confused about roles and responsibilities.

What clients say

  • GAP helped us through the crisis with no causalities.
  • We’ve a better understanding of how working in this context and with these clients impacts us.
  • I can breathe again in my role and know I am not going mad in what is a very challenging environment.
  • They helped us identify and resolve issues and practices that were undermining productive functioning.
  • The GAP team helped stressed and overwhelmed individuals in my management team, supporting them to take up their authority in a more effective way.
  • GAP helped us to create and develop more effective and healthier working environments in a complex, stressful and changing setting.